Axle International is dedicated to development and distribution of innovative medical technologies and high quality products for medical imaging, interventional and surgical procedures. We believe that modern image guided diagnostics and treatment procedures allow to deliver highly efficient care to patients. It also is a platform on which future developments in the medical field will be emerging. Investing in introduction of these technologies means creating a platform for growth in the health care sector.

We have been working with innovative medical and industry professionals in the fields of imaging, interventional cardiology, radiology, electrophysiology, cardiovascular surgery as well as general surgery, urology and laparoscopic surgery. Our cutting edge research and development program involves collaboration with leading universities and companies in the US and Europe. Axle has been a partner in successful introduction and supply of new medical products to major academic, community and private hospitals for more than 15 years. Our partnership with leading manufacturers and research centers as well as our own scientific and customer support program assure that the clinics served by us receive the best products and service available today.