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Angiojet Ultra Thrombectomy System

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The Angiojet Ultra Thrombectomy System is the most advanced thrombectomy technology approved for native coronary vessels, bypass shunts, peripheral and major vessels. The new generation of this technology allows to have multiple applications by using various catheters with the same system. The system automatically detects catheter types and adjusts its performance accordingly.

The intelligent design of the system offers a safe and easy to use interface facilitating quick and seamless introduction into the workflow of a busy cathlab environment. The combination of unique design and power of the system results in high efficiency of thrombus removal extracting both intraluminal and wall adherent thrombus which is critical in most patients, especially in the case of stent implantations.

The system is based on the Bernulli principle. Pressurised saline is delivered at 10000 psi into the inner lumen of the catheter. The amount of liquid delivered through the catheter is constantly balanced in real time by a computerised system with the equivalent amount of liquid removed from the main lumen of the catheter by a roller pump. As a result of that, ischemia which could be caused be excessive amount of blood pumped out or replaced by water is avoided.

The system is safe and simple to use. More than 450 000 treatments have been successfully performed worldwide. New catheters and technologies for the system are being developed and will allow to expand the applications to virtually all the main vessels where thrombectomy may be required.

The latest successful applications include treatment of DVT with powerpulse® Angiojet technology for removal of partially organised peripheral thrombi.