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Peripheral Catheters


100% push to address occluded peripheral vessels. Available with 220mm balloons.
The ReeKross is possibly the most innovative catheter development in 10 years. The ReeKross is a PTA catheter designed with the capability of performing angioplasty on vessels with extreme occlusions in the arteries of the leg such as the SFA, iliac and tibial artery.

The product features a unique capacity for pushability to cope with blockages in long occluded vessels and an extremely durable balloon to cope with high calcification. The ReeKross may be used in the true-lumen or extra-luminal mode (sub-intimal approach).

The ReeKross catheter is available on a 0.035”, 0.018” and 0.014” platform.


Petite but powerful 4F peripheral catheter 0.018" OTW featuring 6 fold on 7-9mm

  • Longest available balloon – extremely durable
  • Wide range of diameters
  • Multiple shaft lengths for different approaches
  • Soft, low profile tip


The Bantam is a unique PTA Catheter specifically designed to treat the most difficult distal lesions in the lower limb vasculature. The new catheter design of the Bantam a enables the interventionalist to achieve greater success in treating infrapopliteal lesions in patiens with Critical Limb Ischaemia.


The ClearPAC Omega features a combination of advanced technologies to give a new level of performance in a 0.035” PTA catheter.

  • Longest Balloon
  • Durable Balloon Material
  • New Flexible tip
  • New Inner Shaft Construction
  • New 130cm Shaft Length


The catheter for all your 0.014" peripheral applications
The LitePAC 0.014" Rapid Exchange PTA Catheter has an overall length of 150cm and mounted on a hypotube platform.
The LitePAC is designed for multiple applications including below the knee PTA and is also suitable for pre and post-dilation during stent procedures.


The Rx peripheral catheters of choice - Formats for all Peripheral Applications
The Salix family is a range of 0.018" rapid exchange catheters featuring a stiff hypotube shaft designed for peripheral applications where very high pushability is required. The Salix range features ClearStream's unique QuadFlex balloon technology which is ideal for use in highly calcified vessels.

Bantam Florian

During an angioplasty of a dialysis graft the operator has many things to deal with, such as keeping his hands out of the X-ray beam and managing the redundant catheter shaft and wire. Long catheters and wires can create problems.
The BANTAM FLORIAN catheter is specially designed to make Dialysis PTA procedures easier and faster by offering you smooth handling and full control with options for contrast injection through the sheath and the distal catheter tip