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SatinFlex is a state of the art balloon expandable coronary stent which provides for excellent performance characteristics

  • Exceptional flexibility
  • Minimal foreshortening
  • Outstanding vessel conformability
  • Homogenous coverage
  • Superb radial force
  • Outstanding trackability
  • Low metal to artery ratio


Intrepide is a coronary DES which elutes the drug Trapidil mounted on an RX platform. Now certified for diabetics.

  • Delivery - The Intrepide is mounted on our Nimbus Pico catheter, which allows for better access to the most complex lesions. The overall profile is the lowest of any DES currently on the market today.
  • Efficacy - Intrepide has four modes of action which are, anti-inflammatory, anti-thrombotic, anti-proliferative and acts as a vasodilator. These combined make Intrepide one of the most interesting DES developments since their first clinical introduction.
  • Safety - Results from the DESTINY I trial demonstrate that Product related MACE at 30 days is 0%, Target lesion revascularisation is 5.2% at 180 days and there was no Subacute Thrombosis at 180 days, making Intrepide one of the safest stents on the market.
  • Stability - The Intrepide is a highly temperature stable drug, meaning that it can be used in any ambient atmosphere likely to be encountered in all climates.


Low injury, low restenosis coronary stent

  • Low injury design
  • Stent flexibility and vessel conformity
  • Vessel wall support
  • Surface finish
  • Minimal recoil
  • Confident delivery
  • Pushability and trackability
  • Low crossing profile
  • Ergonomic hub design