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Intravascular ultrasound plays an important role in modern interventional diagnostics and treatment. It has the unique ability to provide characterisation of main stem, bifurcational and other lesions that represent a common challenge in daily cardiology practice. It has also been successfully used for diagnostics and treatment control in peripheral vascular disease.

The latest generation of intravascular imaging systems offered by Axle International offers unique high resolution imaging with unparalleled resolution and clarity combined with the ability to characterise the artherosclerotic plaque material and composition. This information is critical for choice of treatment approaches as well as sizing of interventional devices used for the treatment, in particular stent diameter is corrected in a number of cases after obtaining intravascular imaging information compared to angioagraphy only results.

Our latest technologies also allow to position the stent in a vessel in a way that minimises damage to a vulnerable plaque cap as well as reducing distal embolisation and stenting complications.