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Renalguard is a unique system for fluid management that has been proven to decrease contrast induced nephropathy in patients with reduced renal function. It also has a potential to be used for fluid management in surgical and intensive care patients where fluid management could be an important part of successful treatment regimen. The system constantly monitors in real time excreted urine and balances that with amount of infused liquid. It can be programmed in various ways to provide isovolumic increased or decreased hydration depending on the particular condition of the patient. The proprietary algorithms and design of the system allow highly efficient patient fluid management to be achieved within a limited period of time, significantly reducing time spent by the patients in intensive and post operative care. It also allows same day procedures to be performed in patients with reduced kidney function without a need for admitting these patients the day before treatment in most cases. Several studies have demonstrated superior results achieved with this system compared to best practice patient management available up to now.