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Hybrid Operating Rooms

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The hybrid approach is a new growing field of treatment. This logical development is based on the recent successes of interventional catheter based and least invasive surgical approaches. Complex conditions and diseases often cannot be fully successfully treated with just one of these approaches and for optimal results require a combination of two. For best results both approaches can be performed in the same operating room which, in that case, has to be a specially designed hybrid operating room which not only combines facilities necessary for each of these approaches but also provides coordination between them when applied to a treatment of the same patient.

Axle International will create a dedicated hybrid operating room for you that has sophisticated imaging analysis equipment, a surgical operating field that is versatile to accommodate various treatment modalities and special equipment and disposables to perform a range of procedure that have been chosen by you. Our hybrid operating rooms can be designed and supplied for hybrid EP procedures, hybrid vascular and cardiac procedures and more.