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Imaging Solutions

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Medical imaging plays an increasing role in modern medical practice and today contains most of the diagnostic information critical for daily decision making of medical professionals. With the number of treatments performed under imaging control instant access to numerous medical imaging files from doctors' offices as well as operating rooms and remote locations for consultation and coordination purposes become crucial. A versatile modern system also has to integrate seamlessly with various existing diagnostic equipment available at a hospital as well as provide storage and analysis capabilities and distribution of the information that is being collected by the system.

Our range of imaging solutions allows us to tailor our product offering to the specific needs and preferences of our clients. Main functions include automatically obtaining images from imaging equipment and other data files from non imaging equipment such as ECG. High capacity storage and rapid access to the data from various points including remote password protected access through internet. Analysis of the images for diagnostics and planning of treatment, reporting multi modality imaging analysis, direct communication between operating and diagnostic rooms are made possible.