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Cathlab Imaging Systems

Innovative cathlab imaging product line offered by us and wide range of products allow to offer a completely new cathlab solution as well as upgrade of any existing cathlab or adding cathlab suites to an existing radiology department.


Market leader in the dedicated electrophysiology imaging field our range of EP imaging systems includes single plane and dual plane solutions.  Various generator and image detector options are available to suit the needs of your particular practice and budget. Various table top options including floating and tilting are avaible. The system can be fully integrated with various other imaging modalities as well as EP registration, 3D imaging and reconstruction and other modern day modalities used in an EP lab.

Upgrade from single plane to dual plane as well as from image intensifier to flat panel system is available.

The system has intuitive controls and has miminal maintenance and service requirements. It has unmatched low life cycle cost and reliability.

Cathlab Imaging

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High resolution imaging is at the heart of our cathlab imaging suite. Our systems are ideal for busy cardiology departments with high volume patient throughput and high requirements for system reliability in daily practice. It is important that our system footprint and weight allow it to be easily installed into any existing radiology or imaging department with minimal changes to building structure, minimising the cost and downtime during installation of the system.

High power latest generators and proprietory imaging algorithms produce sharp and clear images. Our systems have full DICOM compatibility and can be networked with existing PACs systems or can be supplied with our high capacity PACs.


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We offer a unique system for image guided endscopic procedures that is widely used by rapidly growing practices involed with less invasive diagnostic and surgical procedures including endoscopic, laparoscopic and surgical departments. Special additonal features including large image view, radiation protection surrounding the examination field and cutting off radiation from the rest of the room as well as most of the patient's body and the operator are important added benefits of the system.

Full DICOM compatibility is available and the system can be networked with existing PACs systems or be supplied with our high capacity PACs.